FeEls like SummeR


FeEls like summer with ankara printed pant.

Summer season is full of bright colors,washed out,just like a bright beautiful summer’s day. Almost anything goes,as long as you wear it with a big smile and a small attitude the your good to go.

I’ve never fell deep in love with anything but hunny I did fell in love with this print pants. It was really an over size pant when I snatched from my mum closet and took to my fundi in rongai. The end product was breath taking. It was love at first sight.

The fabric is really soft and you can only get it in Uganda

Outfit details: shoes from la belle fashion 

Pant : my mother’s closet 

Top: Woolworths


The Light Stopped To Shine

Wilson Lokoel Ekuwom
A dreadful day I knew it will always haunt me for the rest of my life, memories pierce my soul like a blade and fill my mind with spite, reminding me of the day I wished I could reverse my existence and vanish from this ruthless planet. 

The day a tender soul was endured immeasurable and immense a mount of pain, the day I learnt that I too was capable of developing spite against you.

The deeds of that day still lingers in my mind like it’s happening the right moment, like I’m the audience of my own torture

It was down on a stone where my other pieces was laid to rest, my neck pressed against the stone I feared to touch since I knew the meaning of its presence, a helplesssoftyoung soul was forthwith words and pain.

The inner depths of frustration and hate is what I saw in your heart crucified and tortured like Christ but still I couldn’t forgive like Christ.

The cry of that day have never Friedman’s they are still dripping from my heart, and who said blood is thinker than water?

At time I wish the only fluid in my body was water so that I couldn’t feel connected to anyone and why do people tend to hurt the ones they say they love? Or maybe fear and hate are the strongest feeling than love.

And till today I still wonder if I love you or fear you, I hope time will make me understand our real connection.

Even though I can say I love you, but THE LIGHT STOPPED TO SHINE.



Today am going talk about giving, but not about gifts, present that you always give your beloved hubby, bae or bff… but giving what you have to the person in need of essential to survive.

I did joined a charity group earlier this year and lemi tell u guys the experience is really awesome and I feel like the emptiness in me is gone….don’t get me wrong am not doing charity to feel good about myself. Seeing a smile in child face is priceless.

I can’t say have made a change in someone’s life…nope am just at the starting point. I urge youths all over the world to be the pillar and foundation of a better future. Change starts with you.

“In this world there are people who have much than they need to live (you and me) while others have barely enough to survive.”

The great thing about giving is that you are not restricted to how much you can give to help the needy, street children and the orphans.you can show them love, show them they belong,care for them and you can achieve all this through….. moral consolation by giving the a hands up instead a hand out giving, giving them moral support, show the respect this will make the be aware that someone really care about them.

Provide them with opportunities to improve their condition not giving them money to buy drugs. Help them discord their own capabilities and capacity and putting them to use.

Kenyan youth start friends charity project. Instead of gossiping everyday call for friends meeting and pitch your idea on how everyone can help the needy. Come to an a agreement on how you will be contributing a set a mount a month as a group to help the needy.

In order for you to make a change you need to change your perspective. Instead of considering them as a project to help, view them as people to love and respect.

I challenge you to do something nice for someone

Haunted soul.

I hate the night where I feel so empty inside. I feel hallow and out of place. I hate the night where my mind wonders to the unknown and all I return with is sadness. I hate counting the tears that rush down my cheeks and the collect upon my pillow. I hate that the only thing have at night to comfort me is my loneliness and the only thing surrounding me is my dark soul.


Am sorry to put you through so much, but am glad you left me with good memories of a bright soul…………..her last words

Sometimes the most beautiful people are beautifully broken. I met her at the cinema. She was gorgeous but I could tell she was haunted, she had a dark side that showed in her cute brown eyes. At that moment I was not worried about her dark side.

It was in her flaws I found a much deeper truth and it is from her eyes, I bloom. I’m sorry I had nothing to say that night, I’m sorry I left you in that ghost town. I’m sorry I didn’t save you.

I know all you wanted is for me to see you once. She didn’t need much, she wanted very little. A kind word, sincerity, fresh air, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, cosy bed, to love and to be loved in return and for someone to save her soul. I know all you ever wanted is to be happy and free.

But I was selfish, never thought that I will ever save you from your dark soul. I thought leaving you alone and spending time alone will be healthy. Maybe you will learn how to be alone and not be defined by another person but actually I was saving myself from your dark soul.
I was hooked on her but I wasn’t strong enough to handle her haunted soul.
She was annoying, hilarious, she made me yell, drive me crazy, she was out of her mind but she was everything I wanted in a woman.
She told me,  honey I know you tried so hard to make me feel better, get over this, to forget it all and move on and I thought I was getting to the point where I could say “wow I’m feeling a lot better” but my soul is still haunted.
Everyday it gets harder, it’s like nightmare. Everyday I pray to God to take my soul now. It gets more impossible, I feel my soul die everyday. I sit at the Conner and wait for it to be over. But our love keeps me going.
I can’t believe, I left her at the edge by herself. Now she feels alone.
Am sorry I didn’t save you.now I know how crucial every word, action is. I will always regret losing you.


I spent my days waiting to be set free,
Free from tension and confusion,
Free from devastating memories that haunt my soul,
All I Want is to be safe and free

You judge me because am a refugee
Treat me without dignity and respect,
Restrict my movement and freedom of speech,
All I want is to be safe and free

Journalist use insensitive words to describe me ( immigrant )
The government denies me right to education,
The government denies me right to work,
All I want is to be a normal human being

All I need is enough food and safety,
Treated with dignity and respect,
Freedom of speech and movement,
Right to education and jobs,
I survived, but please help me live

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A letter To Mr Crush

Dear Mr crush,
I hope your doing fine wherever you are. Am also doing fine.
Am writing this letter to let you know what I go through every single day since I set my eyes on you. I think am at the point where I’ve like you for so long that it’s just an automatic response for me. I don’t know if I really still do, but whenever someone says your name, my heart race. But I’ve a feeling that’s just the way its going to be for a while. But I know it will take sometimes .I’m not strong enough to suddenly move away from one amazing person that’s been on my mind like forever.

The truth is I like you alot. You make me laugh, you’re smart, you’re different, you’re a little crazy and awkward and your smile alone make my day.

I know this sound weird, but its hard to wait for something that might never happen. It’s also harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want. Sometimes I replay our conversation in my head all the time. I also create scenarios and the conversations that will have.

I’m to shy to tell you how I feel, so I will hide behind Timi smiles and soft hellos because I’m afraid if I ask you “what do you think of me?” Your reply will be………. I don’t
Maybe what am looking for only exist in my dream….

That’s all Mr crush

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A Day In Life

I’m a girl who is always there for people,
I’m a girl who is always a friend,
I’m a girl who is always defending a friend,
I’m the girl who face many issues alone,
Yes, I’m the girl who want to see a friend smile.

I’m the girl who have been stabbed by friends,
I’m the girl who have been lied to by those she love
I’m the girl who ‘ve been rejected by those she needed the most,
I’m the girl who have been suffering in silence,
Yes, I’m the girl who want to see a friend smile.

Today I just need to be alone,
So that…………………………………
I can cry without being judged,
I can think without being interrupted,
I can sleep until I feel better,
Yeah today is one of those days.

Today I just want to forget anything else exist.
Be happy again

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